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Shot summer 2020,  Festivals starting summer 2021

Cinema rollout Jan 2022

As a young trans woman and her estranged father begin to

restore the old family tractor, they cautiously rebuild their

relationship and come to understand the mechanics of the heart


Writer/Director:  Shelley Thompson (Rusty Tractor)

Producer: Terry Greenlaw, (Picture Plant, New Dawn)

Starring Maya V. Henry, Robb Wells, Amy Groening, Reid Price

WINNER - WIDC Feature Film Award 2018

SELECTED -  NYWIFT Writers Lab 2018

SELECTED - Breaking Through the Lens - Cannes 2019

Features In Development 2022



Supported by the Canada Council, Nova Scotia Arts Council

A woman in her early fifties has memorialized her many attempts to become a mother with tiny tattooed flowers on her belly. Crises at home and in the home she left over 30 years ago cause her to re-examine

what that bouquet means.

EVERYBODY HATES RANDY - an Ensemble comedy​

When a popular village teacher’s marriage to con-artist Randy finally explodes, the women of Wallace unite, planning a benefit concert to pay for Bonnie’s divorce lawyer. Discovering the extent of Randy’s treachery, her best friends decide to hire a hit-man instead. 




See Jane


Jane is a prize-winning poet, a best-selling novelist - a successful university professor in an apparently idyllic college town. But two years ago, her son Joey died as the result of an out-of-character binge-drinking escapade – and the event is one that Jane cannot escape. Rescue may come, or chaos, from a young, talented student, who carries the weight of his own tragedy.


Bluff Abbey 

A Dramatic Comedy Series - from an idea by Shelley Thompson and Liz Richardson

Louise has something she’s not telling John; John hasn’t been truthful with Louise for years.

When the couple check into a Mindfulness retreat perched precariously over the Atlantic, they and the oddball assortment of spiritual seekers unpack their baggage: secrets, lies, sex…karma.


Condo Coven  

Condo Coven is a half-hour comedy series about the joy and magic power unwittingly generated, then employed, by groups of women specifically, this group in the low-rent, low-rise Valhalla Villas.   When Sally and Brenda risk too much on a dream, the friendship stakes are seriously endangered…but when the first magic happens the residents of VV are offered the chance to build — literally — a new future.

Animation  - Bowls of Cheer/December 1945

Everyone loves a Christmas story.  

Both of these are set in the early 20th century, one before WW2 and one just after.

Commissioned and recorded by the CBC for broadcast nationally at Christmas, they're supported in those original recording by stunning scores composed by Halifax composer Chris Palmer



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Bowls of Cheer and December 1945
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