Director - Slate

As an actor, I want to get to the centre of a character, find their truth. 
As a director, I want to help other actors do the same:  building confidence, creating safety, respect, and joy in spaces where collaboration is easy and fruitful. 
I'm looking for stillness that is full, silence that is resonant, and images that are vibrant and alive.  
Below are trailers for short films including the most recent, DUCK DUCK GOOSE winner of the Atlantic Film Festival's Best Short, Finalist in the CBC's Short Film Face Off, and
NOT SHORT ON TALENT choice for Clermont-Ferrand in 2018. 

PEARLS  played around the world, and is the prequel to the feature 
shot in the summer of 2020 in Windsor, Halifax and 
Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
More info on DAWN, HER DAD & THE TRACTOR here.

Director's Reel

Duck Duck Goose

Dawn, Her Dad
& The Tractor

Short -  filmed in Halifax in 2014
T. Thomason, Richard Donat, Gordon White

A bittersweet story of friendship, grief, and moving on. An isolated young musician moving from a small-town to city life, must come to terms with love and loss.

Maritime Home Invasion  
A Short Music Doc about House Concerts
Filmed in Nova Scotia, 2013
With the participation of
Shelley Thompson (Director)
Peter Murphy (Camera, Editor)
Musicians:  Steven Fearing, Erin Costelo, T. Thomason, Ian Sherwood, Hupman Brothers, and more......

Short -  filmed in Hillsvale and Musquodoboit,
Nova Scotia with Robb Wells, Jennie Raymond and
introducing Michelle Raine
A rural family grapples with grief as Miranda
realizes her son Don can only become the woman
she is by defying her father and leaving their farm,
in an outfit Miranda provides that includes a
much-loved heirloom.

Short - filmed in Toronto, May 2015
Karen Waddell and John Ralston.

A beautiful woman in middle years wakes beside a lover she doesn’t seem to know well. Outside the window, a winter branch shifts in the wind. She’s unfamiliar with the house. Seasons pass, disorientation grows, but love and sex remain, in the face of disease and…company.